In the kitchen, Bitterroot is packing an Ole Hickory model SSL with hand-crafted 12 gauge steel construction. Ole Hickory pits are built in Cape Girardeau Missouri where they have been building pits for almost 40 years. The ole Hickory model used here at Bitterroot is capable of smoking 90 racks of ribs 60 pork butts or 500 pounds of brisket all while the constantly rotating internal rack maintains the perfect smoking environment.


Here at Bitterroot we believe in the low slow dry rub method of smoking meat. Regional BBQ is defined in many ways, however one of the most important differences lies in the wood found in the region. We embrace being in the Northwest by exclusively smoking Washington apple wood which provides a light sweet smoke. We use Corfini gourmet,who provides us with many local products such as Carlton farms pork belly and Painted Hills brisket.


The meat at bitterroot is dry rubbed and sauce is provided at the table. We see no reason to cover up the love and care that goes in to the smoking process with sauce. For a little extra kick we offer four traditional sauces all with our own twist.


The sweet sauce at Bitterroot is a twist on the classic created with a base of apples and coca-cola.

carolina mustard:

Our Carolina mustard sauce is a new take on a traditional sweet tangy mustard sauce traditionally used on pork. This sauce is Grant's personal favorite and is a great compliment to our meats and the pretzel roll that all of our sandwiches come on.


The spicy sauce is for the true heat lover and is made with a base of  jalapeños and chipotle peppers.


We also provide a traditional hot pepper and garlic vinegar sauce.